Aomori Nebuta Festival

Summer is the time of festivals in Japan, and boy do they do them right! Last weekend I attended the Misawa Tanabata festival, which was right out the gate. It was a good time; a similar vibe to the festival we attended last year. This weekend, on the other hand, I got the pleasure of […]

Beachin’ in Japan 

Summer is upon us here in Japan! The days are long and the heat and humidity are creeping up fast. With no a/c, I’m only half as enthused as I could be, but nevertheless I’m excited! Everyone knows the holidays are the time of the year that make people miss home, but for me, summertime […]

Shabu-Shabu Dinner

Restaurants are by far one of my favorite types of adventures because food is the way to my heart and they offer a different insight to Japanese culture than site seeing. This weekend, our friends Taylor and Susan, took us to their favorite restaurant, Shabu Shabu, for an all-you-can-eat 70-minute buffet and I photographed the dinner. […]