Aomori Nebuta Festival

Summer is the time of festivals in Japan, and boy do they do them right! Last weekend I attended the Misawa Tanabata festival, which was right out the gate. It was a good time; a similar vibe to the festival we attended last year. This weekend, on the other hand, I got the pleasure of […]

365 Days in Japan

It’s been a little over a year since we started our journey in Japan. This milestone has brought reflection and anĀ abundance of emotions as I realized just how much change can take place in such a short amount of time! As I ruminated on these changes, waves of nostalgia, amusement, pride, and comfort flooded me. […]

Shiriyazaki Lighthouse & Wild Horses

Over the weekend Haley and I traveled to the northeastern-most point of Aomori Prefecture to Shiriyazaki Cape to visit one of Japan’s most famous lighthouses. Built in 1876, it was the first western-style lighthouse in the Tohoku region. It was also bombarded by the United States Navy during World War II! It is now identified […]

Christmas Tour 2015

There’s not a lot going on over here in Japan. It’s cold and nasty most days, but not really snowy yet, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing a white Christmas. It is, however, starting to get snowy in mountain regions nearby, so I know it will be here soon, but I digress, IT’S ALMOST […]

Fudgy Dark Chocolate and Mint Brownies

Want something besides a pumpkin dessert for your holiday party? Although I love pumpkin, it’s almost the last thing I want to eat after the mass consumption that occurs on Thanksgiving. I discovered I didn’t know many recipes besides pumpkin desserts and your typical holiday pies, so I embarked on a mission to find my […]