Aomori Nebuta Festival

Summer is the time of festivals in Japan, and boy do they do them right! Last weekend I attended the Misawa Tanabata festival, which was right out the gate. It was a good time; a similar vibe to the festival we attended last year. This weekend, on the other hand, I got the pleasure of […]

Shiriyazaki Lighthouse & Wild Horses

Over the weekend Haley and I traveled to the northeastern-most point of Aomori Prefecture to Shiriyazaki Cape to visit one of Japan’s most famous lighthouses. Built in 1876, it was the first western-style lighthouse in the Tohoku region. It was also bombarded by the United States Navy during World War II! It is now identified […]

Girls’ Day in Sendai

I went on a different kind of adventure this past week: girls’ day in Sendai with my dear friends, Susan and Lily. Sendai is located in Miyagi prefecture which is a good distance from Misawa. In order to get to Sendai you have one of two options: Traveling by toll road which takes approximately four […]

Finding Fall

This past weekend Haley and I were itching to go on another hike. The weather is cooling off fast here with temperatures averaging in the mid-60’s, so the leaves are changing fast. Capturing these beautiful moments in nature is turning out to be one of my favorite pastimes. Here’s a little recap of our fall […]


I’ve talked about creating a blog numerous times, so here it is. Finally. This is intended to be a space where I can detail our life and journeys in Japan, a place where I can post my never ending crafts and DIY projects, and a place where I can share my favorite recipes in the […]