Aomori Nebuta Festival

Summer is the time of festivals in Japan, and boy do they do them right! Last weekend I attended the Misawa Tanabata festival, which was right out the gate. It was a good time; a similar vibe to the festival we attended last year. This weekend, on the other hand, I got the pleasure of […]

365 Days in Japan

It’s been a little over a year since we started our journey in Japan. This milestone has brought reflection and an abundance of emotions as I realized just how much change can take place in such a short amount of time! As I ruminated on these changes, waves of nostalgia, amusement, pride, and comfort flooded me. […]

Thanksgiving Reflections & A Recipe!

As the 2015 holiday season quickly approaches, I’ve spent the past few weeks reflecting on what this year would look like for us. This is my and Haley’s first holiday season together as a married couple, so I am elated I get to spend it with her! We were married last holiday season, but Haley […]

DIY Holiday Sign

It’s November! Which probably means you’re thinking one of two things:  “ERRRMAGAH, CHRISTMAS!!! T-MINUS 52 days, people!” – Me  “Errrmagah, Christmas.” *rolls eyes and refuses to acknowledge its presence until the day after Thanksgiving*- Haley I can say, with no shame, that I am one of those people that love Christmas so much that by November 1st […]

Oatmeal Banana Muffins

I’m usually not a muffin-for-breakfast-kind-of-gal, maybe because my tastebuds have only ever dabbled in the realm of cellophane wrapped breakfast muffins found in the Little Debbie aisle or free continental breakfasts, but I digress, they are usually the last thing I ever reach for, that is, until I stumbled upon this delicious recipe. Are you that person […]