Japan Journeys

Shiriyazaki Lighthouse & Wild Horses

Over the weekend Haley and I traveled to the northeastern-most point of Aomori Prefecture to Shiriyazaki Cape to visit one of Japan’s most famous lighthouses. Built in 1876, it was the first western-style lighthouse in the Tohoku region. It was also bombarded by the United States Navy during World War II! It is now identified as a historical site and one of Japan’s 50 lighthouses.

While the lighthouse itself is a beautiful tourist attraction, the area is also famous for the free-roaming wild horses surrounding it.These horses are known as Kandachi-me or horses standing in the cold wind as the winters at Shiriyazaki Cape are harsh. The horses are actually quite tame and used to people taking pictures and feeding them snacks!

Unfortunately, I’m kind of a scaredy-cat, so I didn’t get too up close and personal with the horses. They were beautiful and gentle (and the babies were so cute!), but I stuck to loving them from afar and playing in the ocean. On the bright side, Haley and I can now officially say we’ve touched foot in the Pacific! We walked along the coast with the horses for awhile and found some shells and sea glass.

Here are some pictures of our day!


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