I feel like I say that too often in regards to the blog, but this time I really think I mean it! Thankfully, March and April thawed Misawa and everything is springing back to life! Man, did I miss the sun! We have so many adventures planned in the next few weeks, so expect to see more of Japan on the blog soon! And yes, a couple of cherry blossom festivals are on the list!

This semester I started classes to finish my degree in health and fitness. This resulted in me spending a generous amount of time in our spare bedroom/office, but I quickly overran my desk with my printer, books, notepads, pencils, papers, etc until it was so cluttered that I abandoned the room completely and pretended like it didn’t exist for approximately two months.

If you don’t do that about dirty/problem areas in your house that you don’t feel like immediately tending to, you’re lying. 😉

I finally found the nerve to organize and tidy up the space so I could return to my study area. It’s nothing crazy, but here’s a few pictures in case you need inspiration for Spring cleaning!


An old picture of my office space. Look at how tiny Nikko is!


Decluttered by adding two floating shelves and a small shelf with baskets.

I think I see a problem brewing here…


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