Summer is upon us here in Japan! The days are long and the heat and humidity are creeping up fast. With no a/c, I’m only half as enthused as I could be, but nevertheless I’m excited! Everyone knows the holidays are the time of the year that make people miss home, but for me, summertime makes me yearn for home more than anything because it’s when we spend the most time with our family.

My family and I grew up on the lake. Even today, going away with my Grandma Judy for a weekend at the lake is one of my favorite things to do, but being stationed overseas forces one to get creative when it comes to curbing homesickness and the activities we miss, so we set out to see some of the beautiful beaches and lakes of Northern Japan!

One of the campsites we visited this weekend at Lake Ogawara is actually only a short 10 minute drive from our house! We took Tucker for an afternoon walk and played in the water, which he loved. I can also proudly say I assembled a hammock all by myself- without consulting the Internet.  OK, so maybe that’s not a big deal, but I was impressed with myself. We’re becoming quite outdoorsy!


Our view at Lake Ogawara


Chillin’ at Lake Ogawara

We also ventured to Tanesashi Beach in Hachinohe, which was a beautiful, rocky coastline harboring the Pacific ocean. Tanesashi park also had a camping area, and it was a bit more populated with families playing and fishing on the coastline. We had a good day here, too, walking the coastline and people watching.


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Our goal this summer is to get out as much as possible! Kayaking and pontoon boating are on our to-do list, and maybe even a little camping- I’ll let you know if I survive and can assemble a tent. 😉

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  1. You could’ve been with us yesterday being chased out of the water by snakes!! lol 😮 I’m glad you’ve found a fix for your homesickness. But can’t wait till you’re home going to the lake with us. 😘

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