Office Makeover

I’M BACK! I feel like I say that too often in regards to the blog, but this time I really think I mean it! Thankfully, March and April thawed Misawa and everything is springing back to life! Man, did I miss the sun! We have so many adventures planned in the next few weeks, so […]

Tsugaru Tetsudo Stove Train

Last weekend I celebrated 24 beautiful years of being alive, happy, and healthy! Part of that celebration was a tour on the Tsugaru Tetsudo stove train, a nostalgic 1940’s coal potbelly stove train with wooden floors and window frames. Tsugaru Tetsudou or Tsugaru railroad¬†is a 45 minute ride which connects Nakasato station and Goshogawara station. […]

Yoga Camp Review

I took a short break from blogging in January. Partly because I was in a creative drought and the snow kept our adventuring at bay, but I have used this past month’s hiatus as an opportunity to really concentrate on myself- what makes me happy, what doesn’t, what my true aspirations are (not what I […]

Happy New Year!

I am writing after a week of blurry, congested, and cold-induced living. I have been having a rough couple of months being sick more than I’m well. I shamefully admit that I am like your old stubborn grandpa when it comes to going to the doctor. I don’t know how/when I developed this mindset- maybe […]

Christmas Tour 2015

There’s not a lot going on over here in Japan. It’s cold and nasty most days, but not really snowy yet, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing a white Christmas. It is, however, starting to get snowy in mountain regions nearby, so I know it will be here soon, but I digress, IT’S ALMOST […]